Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Nails/Skin Like Iron split EP review.

With Nails being one of my favorite grind acts, and probably one of the best around at the moment, i was eager to hear these two new tracks from them on this split with Skin Like Iron (this being the first time I've listened to them).

Nails/Skin Like Iron split artwork, i do really like this artwork, fancy!

Lets start with the Nails side, as it is to be fair, the stronger side to this split. It is two tracks long, both of them hitting around the 3 minute mark together, the second 'Cry Wolf' only around 24 seconds long. Short and snappy just like their last LP 'Unsilent Death' and very much a direct continuation of the sound. Its a very safe split and will keep fans happy until they decide to put out another record. The first track is riffy, bold and satisfying completely, keeping things heavy. The second is very much capturing the rest of the sound that they are known for, which is fast, brain drilling grind, making your head and hands move up and down without intention. 

Now for the other band on this split, Skin Like Iron. Again matching Nails they have two tracks on this EP, both tracks are between 2:30 mins to 3:30 mins each, so about double the length of Nails side. Upon first listen i was on the fence on the sound of this band. It starts off with a sorta uplifting/power metal-ly feel to it, but still keeping a dark hardcore edge. As the first track 'Disappear' kicks in with the vocals i started to feel a bit more into it, i liked the screechy/animal like vocal style but still felt a bit off about it as a whole. The first track wasn't very impressive to me as a first time listener of the band really, although the bridge/end of the track was enjoyable. The second track really was the same again, although the tempo was up in the verses and i enjoyed that, not a massive fan of the melodic solo parts underneath the vocals though. 

If i'm giving a rating to each side, the Nails side gets a solid 4/5, very pleased with it, does everything you expect but isn't stale at all. The Skin Like Iron side would regrettably get a low 2/5 from me, i just didn't like the overall sound of it but did enjoy the vocals and some small bursts of the songs. I would go get this though, as both sides are interesting to listen to and who knows Skin Like Iron maybe be more of a grower band. Links below for info on the bands etc. Overall a good 3/5 for this split! 

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