Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Brown Sugar 'Tropical Disease' EP review.

For those of you who live under rocks these days, you probably wouldn't have heard of a band called Brown Sugar. They are an American punk band, i believe from Buffalo.

'Tropical Disease cover art, featuring an image from 'Easy Rider' which rocks!

Anyway this record is a 4 track EP (out on Fashionable Idiots/Feral Kid) that continues from the same style of jumpy, pulse racing, rock n'roll, solo'd up and thrash filled hardcore that the LP set the standard for. Probably one of my favourite bands at the moment, this EP hits hard straight away after the soft melodic intro (which is extremely catchy) and runs straight into the build up of the EP. "Nothing ever makes sense to me, but maybe its only 'cause you're all full of shit" is the line that grabbed me from the off, and really sums up the tone and the mood of this release. Pissed off, but at the same time not giving a shit, just how punk should be. The rest of the EP follows with the same urgency with my personal favourite track "Too Fucked To Drunk" which has a really 90's fast hardcore feel too it. ANYWAY enough of my chatter about it and go listen for yourself!

If you can get hold of this EP is would seriously recommend it 100%! I'm not too sure where you can get it from right now in the UK but I'm sure its only a google search away, also check out their LP from last year (one of the best of last year too!).


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